Italian ca. 1700 - Male nude study, red chalk, white heightened with on light brown paper, all ca. 42 x 29,5 cm

Gustave Doré -The fourth horseman, Death on the Pale Horse (1865)
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Michelangelo Buonarroti - Studio per la testa di Leda, 1530

No. 1070 (Mütter Museum) by Prof. Jas. Mundie on Flickr.

Toshiyuki Enoki

Gerard Sekoto | Blue Head (Portrait of Miriam Makeba), 1960.
"From 1960, Sekoto started producing a series of busts that he was to revisit and re-work repeatedly until the mid 1970’s. These abstracted heads and portrait studies were primarily of African women and were usually executed in broad strokes using a blue palette. Sekoto explained that he chose to use the dominant blue palette because it was sufficiently strong, and contrasted well with the warmer colours, while also allowing for tonal adjustments when mixed with white in the highlighted areas. Apart from these technical aspects, he also liked the positive and expressive qualities of the strong blues, which contributed to the grace and dignity of these iconic heads with elongated necks."
Picture @ Grosvenor Gallery — Text @ Johans Borman Fine Art
One of the first spy pens used in the secret service, presented at the Imperial War Museum London
Man Ray’s ‘The Gift’
Thomas Hirschhorn, 2006 
Candelabra with Heads
A piece of the Berlin Wall located outside the Imperial War Museum, London